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Three Ways To Protect Your Credit When Mortgage Shopping 12/25/2008
As mortgage rates continue to fall, mortgage application activity continues to rise throughout the nation. But while shopping for your mortgage is the right idea, there are a few things every consumer needs to keep in mind to protect their credit. Here are three tips to help you keep your credit in tact while you shop for your mortgage and try to take advantage of these historically low rates.
Three Things to Consider Before Refinancing 12/22/2008
As mortgage rates continue to drop in California, many homeowners have been rethinking their existing mortgages and considered refinancing. While low rates may be music to homeowner's ears, there are a few key considerations to remember before refinancing. Especially as the holiday season nears, here are three reminders for homeowners considering a refinance.
California Mortgage Rate Weekly News Roundup 12/19/2008
Stay up to date with the mortgage market in California with this weekly roundup of current events. Due to recent Fed activity, mortgage rates across the nation have been dropping considerably, and are still expected to improve. Homeowners looking to refinance have found this as a great opportunity to cut their monthly spending considerably. Recent reports also found that struggling homeowners sometimes only stall the default process.
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